Get social!

Hey! Keyboard Cowboys!

Spread the word about HackWars. Above are some social networking links to our pages/profiles. Wouldn't you like more noobs to hack? Get some!

Seriously though, we could use a bit of steam here. Let's work on (re)building our fan base, get the news out and invite some of your fellow geeks and nerds to join us.

(this blatant self promotion brought to you by DraconisRavenix)

PS: A few tiny NPC edits are in process. Most may not even notice but it's happenin'!

I saw the social network

I saw the social network links up at the top between the Logo and the Search, but now they are gone.

Not seeing them in IE or Chrome.

Funny story........

Funny story........

................... so I saw the social network links on another computer & browser, but not on my main computer.

Turns out it is because of my hosts file on this computer that I don't see the links, the other system without the hosts file shows the links in all browsers.